Study Permits for Canada

Individuals who wish to study in Canada may apply for a Study Permit, which permits them to enter and remain in Canada for the purposes of primary, secondary or post-secondary study.   Applicants are required to provide the following:

Proof of acceptance from the school, college or university where the applicant desire to study;

Proof of identity (passport or valid travel documents) and two recent passport-size photos;

Proof of financial support that ensures that the applicant has enough money to support him or herself, and any family members that may accompany him/her during the stay in Canada.

Applicants must also meet the requirements for issuance of any visa for entry to Canada.

Some applicants may also need a visitor visa in addition to the study permit depending on their home country.

A study permit may not be necessary in all situations.  In particular, if the course of program of study does not exceed six months, a visitor to Canada will not require a study permit.