Parent and Grant Parent Super Visa

The Parent and Grant Parent Super Visa is available to parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.  This visa can be valid for up to ten years, and allows a visa holder to stay in Canada for visits of up to two years in duration at a time, without the need to renew the visa. Holders of the Super Visa enjoy the benefit of multiple entries to Canada as long as the visa remains valid.

In addition to being the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, applicants must demonstrate that they genuinely intend to visit Canada temporarily and intend to leave at the end of their visit.  Factors that will be considered in assessing an application include:

The applicant’s ties to their country of origin;

The purpose of the visit;

The family and financial situation of the applicant; and

The overall economic and political stability of the home country.

Applicants must also provide a written invitation and commitment of financial support from the child or grandchild of the applicant who must, in turn, meet a specified minimum income threshold.  Applicants are also required to prove that they have purchased a minimum of one-year of Canadian medical insurance coverage, and will be required to complete an immigration medical examination.

A Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada may also be required for some applicants, depending on their citizenship.

For more details about this provisions, please consult the CIC website: