Intra-company Transfers

For businesses seeking to transfer employees from non-Canadian locations to their Canadian offices on a temporary basis, the federal government's Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) program may be an effective route to securing work permits upon terms appropriate to the needs of the business.


Transferee employees must have at least one year of full-time work experience with the foreign employer and be coming to Canada to perform comparable work for the business's Canadian affiliate. Work in Canada must fall under one of three categories:  

Executive  -  An employee who primarily directs the management of the business or a major component thereof. 

Senior Managerial  -  An employee who manages all or part of the business and supervises or controls the work of other senior employees.  

Specialized Knowledge  -  An employee who can demonstrate both proprietary knowledge of their company's products or services in addition to an advanced level of specialized knowledge which is above average for workers in their occupation. 


Eligible Intra-Company Transferees are exempt from the requirement that the employer obtain a favourable Labour Market Impact Assessment, which is applicable to other Temporary Foreign Worker applications.  This can significantly reduce application cost and processing time.