Business Immigration Needs

Businesses operating in Canada or foreign enterprises that are interested in or already have Canadian business units, subsidiaries or affiliates, have a range of immigration-related requirements.  These may include the transfer of existing personnel to Canada, the hiring of skilled foreign workers, and short-term visits by foreign-based employees to support operations or business and sales activities in Canada.


Our office provides a full range of professional services andsolutions for business immigration needs.  Our fees are extremely competitive with those offered in the Toronto market, and we provide our business clients with unparalleled service, and on a basis that will best meet their internal administrative and strategic requirements.


Our business immigration services are typically turnkey - we handle all aspects of the application process, including preparation of forms and submissions and supporting your employees in the gathering of required documentation. In addition, we serve as your representative in relation to all in-process inquiries and communications with government agencies throughout the application process.  This level of service ensures that all immigration-related issues are managed in an expert, efficient and timely manner, leaving your human resources and management personnel free to do what you want them doing - growing your business and profitability.